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10 April, 2017

bunta bar

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bunta bar

Craving a Cocktail? Here’s 6 of Bunta Bar’s Buntastic  Cocktails That Are Making Us Thirsty! Connaught  Place, Janpath

Bored of the same old cocktails? Then Bunta Bar’s in-house cocktails are here to throw the monotony out the window, and give you the refreshing kick you’ve been lusting for! From giving their own twists to the classic cocktails to coming up with their own melanges, these cocktails by Bunta Bar are making us thirsty and how. Read on!

desi cocktail

                                              1. Desi Cocktail

 Served in a beautiful patterned bowl, Bunta Bar’s Desi Cocktail blends the  best of both the worlds – desi and videshi; the Desi Cocktail is a delectable  amalgamation of bourbon whiskey charged with elder flower, pomegranate,  amla and orange. Thirsty already? Go feast your taste buds and get  refreshed. 

nawabi taara

                                            2. Nawabi Taara

How about tea and alcohol in the same drink? Bunta Bar’s Nawabi Taara is a super innovative cocktail and we’re already lusting to try it. In the drink, gin is infused with Earl Grey Tea and spices, amla and elder flower to bring out a mind blowing concoction. Reflecting its name, it’s served in vintage and Victorian-themed bottles and glasses.

gulab mule

                                                       3. Gulab Mule

A Buntastic take on the classic Julep, Bunta Bar’s Amrikan Gulab Mule is one hell of a drink. The concoction comes into being by blending American whiskey with Indian rose and mint flavours. Served in a traditional copper glass with rose petal sprinkled on the sides, this undoubtedly seems like a must try!


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