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18 April, 2017

The Groghead-Headlines Brewed

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Some go to restaurants by their fame and some go by their name. Well I come in the latter segment. A new and interesting name always lures me. Recently came across such gastro pub named The Groghead.  This place is nestled in Green Park, a few minute walk from the Metro station.

A vast space with huge picture windows on one end and a DJ console on another and a splendid rooftop with an amazing view, this place is an uber party place.One of the best gastro pubs in Delhi.

Well I was inquisitive to know why Groghead. Well, Grog means strong alcohol, especially rum, mixed with water to dilute. So I felt Groghead is a very apt name where one would feel the headiness brewed.

The best thing I liked was they had done a lot of experiment and presented the food in an innovative manner without letting go the essence of it. When trying food in a new place I always thrive to look for something different and innovative. So here comes the food description.

I would also recommend their GIN and Tonic Chicken which is a unique dish where-in the whole chicken legs get profusely marinated with gin, tonic water, lime and basil and then grilled to perfection. It was served with garlic polenta and grilled veggies which was going very well with the dish.

Burgers and pizzas were also there. In case if someone has a burger appetite, their Slam Dunk could be tried. All the burger buns are made from beer fermented dough. The Slam Dunk is Groghead’s signature burger. With minced chicken and lamb patty this burger which is rosemary flavoured topped with caramelised onions and cheddar cheese is a must have for burger lovers.

The also had their thin crust pizza veg /non veg. They said it’s eleven inches of their wood fired Italia pizzeria. Topped with zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, cherry tomato, basil and herbs was their version of Ortolana.


Some other innovative dishes were Aubergine Farcie (aubergine steak stuffed with Ricotta and scarmoza, served with cherry tomato regout, chilli garlic toast), Maramari over Calamari (calamari in spicy and piquant gravy, steam rice, sambal and kachumbar salad).

The RUM and COLA LAMB SHANK (lamb leg) became not only became my personal favourite but everyone else’s who were there with me. A flawless mix of herbs and spices cooked together with tender meat and served with a delicious reduction of rum and cola concoction and house mash and grilled veggies, this dish I can certainly vouch for. You have to experience this amazing dish yourself.
As the bartender recommended, I tried there NAUGHTY BABAJI (Dark Rum, Old Monk, that’s why babaji) infused with spices, mint, lemon, honey this delicious cocktail was a clear winner from the very first sip.

I also tried their version of mocktail: Melonella and Itsy-Vit C. Melonella was watermelon based mojito infused with some basil, lime and sweetened with sparkling water was okayish. On the other hand Itsy –Vit c was also the same. It had fresh orange muddled, orange juice and roasted cumin. I believed the quantity of cumin was more and it was certainly not for me.

The Icing on the cake was yet another innovation MOJITO ON THE PLATE and O! O! O! (Orgasm on Order).  It was a dessert – a beautiful rich dollop of vanilla ice cream infused with white rum, mint and zest, creamy on the outside, crystalled on the inside- it was a heavenly end to a perfect meal. On the other hand Orgasm on Order was a combination of molten chocolate and peanut butter fondant with the scoop of banana caramel ice cream with almond shavings.

Overall a very nice experience and a must visit if you are bored of regular pubs.


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